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By Kaori Semaj!

For our entry at The Ethereal Luxe Fashion Show and Avant Garde Competition we were
tasked to create a look that was inspired by the beautiful city Chicago!

For me that meant we had to start with the foundation; where it all began...   Before the great
Chicago fire, Chicago was the epicenter of both national and international trade, and was the
fastest growing city in the world! To accommodate the rapid growth of the city, builders
began building the city as fast as they could and concluded that building with wood would be
both the fastest and the easiest way to expand the city..

It is said that the Chicago Fire started with a mere lantern, well years later that lantern would
symbolize the spark that ignited the Phoenix-like rebirth of the marvelous city so many of us
call home.

I decided that I would create a melting dress that represented rebirth and being forged in
fire. To create the look we melted over 2,000 glue sticks and manipulated them to create the
gown seen in the image to the left.