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Matthew Sperzel Photography
Ray Thompson Photograhy

(金美翎) and Chinese Ambassador/ International Board Director at Jojo
Sayson's Project Michelangelo

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President Obama in 3D

Recently, the Smithsonian stopped by the White House to take a 3D
portrait of President Obama, in what will be be the highest resolution
digital model of a head of state. Take a look at the process, and the 3D
rendering created from this technology.
Chicago Fashion Highlights

Model: Sofiia Ilchuk
HMUA: Whitney Brash
Designer : Nelissa Carrillo
Stylist: Aylin Sarac
Photographer: Marlon Cordero
Social Ave TV Hosts Jeff Conway & Jillian
Conley take you behind-the-scenes of one of
Chicago's most diverse fashion shows,
"Broadway to the Runway."

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Producer: Jeff Conway
Field Producer: Kara Larson
Camera: Dana R. Griffin
Editor: Jeff Conway

Arushi Mishra and Friend Reshu enjoying
GR8! Women Awards Middle East 2015
At Sofitel Dubai The Palm Resort & Spa
Anti-Aging Secrets

If your looking to be lively well into your 80s and
90s, you’ll need to learn some anti-aging
secrets that focus on the mind, body and spirit.
You are an integrated model and there are many
aspects of a healthy life that rely on each other.
Crush the spirit and the body will follow.
Stimulate the mind and your mood will lighten.

We spent some time with Meiling Jin Chinese
Reporter with a passion for food and fitness. U.
S. life expectancy is about 78 years – one of the
lowest life expectancies among developed
nations. China’s life expectancy lies around 73
years, which includes the high infant mortality
rate of the rural areas. According to the Chinese
Municipal Center for Disease Control, the life
expectancy in cities like Beijing and Shanghai is
about 80 years, and Hong Kong comes in with a
life expectancy of over 82 years, despite the
many health hazards inherent with living in
these over-crowded cities.  

Meiling Jin shares with us Chinese secret of
longevity can be found in the streets, in the form
of morning and evening rituals, involving large
masses of people of all ages practicing tai-chi,
aerobics, games, and even open air ballroom
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