Reviewing the artistic development of the 83rd Oscars was a fete in itself.  Nine of us were given credentials to view the week of set ups
and events that led up to the night of the Oscar Award Ceremony.  There were no movie stars, producers, directors or editors; but we had
AT&T, Associated Press, ET Canada, carpenters, electricians and security!  We had discussed this during our planning of this coveted trip,
but we all still had a glazed look when we arrived. Deep down, we all had the “ask & receive” demeanor for a star!  And all we got was

After receiving our credentials and a slap on the hands for taking pictures when we came out of the office, we worked our way out of the
Renaissance Hotel, through the huge shopping mall, down the escalator, past the security guards that checked our credentials, and onto
the famous red carpet. Oops! Actually, it was the famous white-plastic-covered carpet.  We looked down, up, over and out into the largest
receiving area we had ever seen for an event; it was equivalent to shutting down parts of Michigan Avenue to carpet and build and light.  
Err…was that done by Oprah?

Everyone was so serious and dedicated, even passionate, about his/her area of expertise.  Cameras of every kind, from the simplest to the
most advanced, were scanning the reporters that stood in perfect array to share their stories.  We all looked at each other and picked up
the beat, mining for gold in the gems that were present.  

Carolina approached a media fellow from Mexico and interviewed him, Sherine checked out Oscar’s different angles, and I went snap
crazy!  Michelle looked ever so much the part of an International Fashion Director and proved it, King Green offered words of
encouragement to young people with dreams, Robert couldn’t hold down his camera, Simon and Naomi fit in with the ranks of socialites,
and Steve Starr wandered looking for stars and found them later at a Night Of A 1000 Stars event.  Media from all over the world were
there.  And so were we; we were part of the history of the 83rd Oscars in 2011.  And as you can see from some of our photos, we assisted
carpenters, lighting staff and security to make sure that the arrivals went smoothly.  They all smiled and joked with us, but we were very

We all came back with our own stories of disappointments and glamour, as well as new friends and wonderful connections that will be
with us for the rest of our lives.  Afterwards, when home I was walking through the Westin Hotel in Chicago one night, I heard, “Hey Miss
Hollywood!”  It was then that I knew, I had arrived on my own Red Carpet of Concierges and Friends!