Chakib & Sandra Doghmi, identifies their service with the attention of world class concierge,
media, marketing and red carpet events.

A private association was planted and so, we present this invitation to Luxury membership,
enter here.   
Red Carpet Concierge of Chicago started in 2008 as a media tool for the City of Chicago to
market businesses.  We promote the photography of Steve Starr and many others to embrace
and enhance the professionals that make every effort to succeed in this economy.

We empower our Board of Advisors and Staff with leadership to show excellence in creating,
after all they make up the strength and vision of Red Carpet Concierge.
    Bonnie Green Chairman of the Board
                     Adel Shaw
                     Nina Maiden
                     Steve Starr
                     Simon Bollin
                     Naomi Bollin          

    Staff Members:                
    Carolina De athey, Vice President  
    Aisha Murff, Editor
    Michelle Elfvin, International Fashion Editor
    Steve Starr, Celebrity Photographer
    Nina Centeno, Arts & Entertainment Director
    Gloria Hafer, Society News

Our goals are to build up and nurture, to plant seeds of information for our readers to enhance
their lives and form a bond with the magnificent business structure in our cities.  And so, we
began The Luxury Membership Group which is by invitation only.

Recruitment of our members is critical to accomplishing partnerships.  The more
partners we gain, the more influential we all become.  

In this new division "Luxury Membership" we hope to attract those that won't settle and to give
businesses the opportunity to join and share their goods and services that deliver quality.

  -Sandra Smith-Doghmi