Tabletop leader also creates new Foodservice website and expanded
Social Media platform to support Culinary Professionals and

Oneida,  global leader in designing the dining experience, announces
the launch of Strata, an innovative component based system of
buffetware that allows any foodservice business to more creatively
and efficiently manage events.  Strata enhances the guest experience
by focusing on the culinary arts.

Strata transforms classic buffet service. This modern, low profile,
and aesthetically transparent system allows the guest to appreciate
quality and freshness through a full range of culinary techniques.  
Grill, carve, warm, chill, sauté, chafe, and serve - Strata does it all.

In the back of the house, Strata’s components and accessories
quickly stack onto its protective storage cart.  Setup is quick and
easy.  Lighter and mobile, Strata is designed to be used inside or
outside.  Any culinary team can maximize their creativity using this
flexible solutions based component buffet system.  See the entire
Strata line at Oneida’s NRA Booth #5815.  Preview this exciting line
via video now at

Oneida launched this product prior to NRA with a few key customers.  
All of whom have been extremely pleased with both the look and
performance of the line.

“Ever since we have departed from presenting our hot food
selections for our buffets in chafing dishes, there were missing
components to complete the presentation when trying to keep food
warm,” said Executive Chef David Didzunas, Hyatt Regency Orlando
International Airport.  “Strata eliminates that issue and brings our
buffet presentation to a new level,” said Didzunas.   “Not only does it
work for hot food warming, the other units for carving, sauté and
chilling give us a complete unique look.  The ease in set up and
storage is what the staff looks for and they enjoy using the system.  
Most of all, our guest feedback has been positive on what a great
look it presents,” said Didzunas.   

Oneida Unveils New Website with Advanced Functionality
On May 21, 2011, Oneida will go live with its new foodservice
website.  The site will feature the full line of Oneida foodservice
products along with several new functions not found elsewhere.   
·        Virtual Tabletop that allows you to set your table with Oneida
products and see the actual outcome with a tablecloth background.
·        A helpful calculator that provides the “return on tabletop
investment,” showing chefs and owners how they can upgrade their
tabletop with Oneida products and raise their menu prices for an
increase in sales/profit.

Oneida Engages Social Media to Connect with Culinarian Community
Oneida plans for growth in Social Media with the development of
more content for Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.  “We want to
engage in conversations with our customers using whatever medium
they are most comfortable with; whether it is email, phone, Facebook,
Twitter, etc.  We also want the opportunity to share more product
information through photo galleries and videos, for both Consumer
and Foodservice customers,” stated Amy Gebhardt, Director of Public
Relations for Oneida Ltd. and Community Manager for Oneida’s social
media accounts.

Oneida launches Facebook Sweepstakes at NRA Show to grow fan
base.  Customers are encouraged to visit
com/OneidaLtd, like us, and enter to win a service for 12 in flatware,
dinnerware, and stemware.   
About Oneida

Oneida Ltd. is one of the world’s largest marketers of
stainless steel and silverplated flatware for the
consumer and foodservice industries.  It is also the
largest supplier of dinnerware to the foodservice
industry in North America.  Its operations in the United
States, Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom,
Australia and China market flatware products,
dinnerware, and crystal and glassware. The company
originated in the mid-nineteenth century and has since
grown into one of the most recognized brands in the
industry. Driven by a devotion to design, Oneida
prides itself on the finest quality products and
modern, decorative and classic tableware collections.

Oneida Contact and appointments for the NRA
Amy Gebhardt                                                                 
Director Public
Asterleaf announces the release of
The first “real” home for restaurant professionals.

San Francisco, CA - May 5, 2011:  
Asterleaf, Inc. announced today the release of  This amazing
site offers a FREE platform where Restaurant owners and managers throughout the world will be able to connect with any
member of the website
Restaurant owners can post available positions and view independently verified work histories and personality videos of
site members, while possessing the ability to make instant electronic interview invites or hiring decisions for their
Restaurant concepts globally.

Site members have up-to-the-minute access to the very best in Restaurant education, financial advice and strategies for
their substantial tip income, personal development coaching, global job listings and their own shopping center! Whether just
starting out or a veteran in the restaurant industry, A Server's Place is your one stop for everything you will need to succeed
in the restaurant industry!

If you are an Individual who would like A Server’s Place to host your virtual verified work history and personality video for
hiring Restaurants to view throughout the world, simply establish a profile on . Following easy
step-by-step instructions you can complete your work history and personality video (via YouTube). Once complete, you have
instant access to thousands of restaurant concepts who are currently searching for new hires. Searches can be performed
by inputting a variety of criteria including geography, job title, restaurant type or even specific restaurant name. Additionally,
site members have access to aserversplace’s variety of services including the best in Restaurant education, financial
advice and strategies for their substantial tip income, personal development coaching and their own shopping center.

Restaurant Owners, Managers or Human Resource Professionals have the ability to post global job openings for their
Restaurant concepts, access the extensive talent database, view independently verified work histories and personality
videos of site members. Owners can search by a wide variety of criteria and send instant electronic interview invites or
electronic hiring decisions for their Restaurant concepts globally.

Glenn Owens, CEO of Asterleaf, Inc said; ”A Server’s Place was created by an active, core group of Restaurant Service
professionals who dedicate themselves to unify and improve the Restaurant service culture globally. Our mission has
always been to create a positive online community where food service professionals can better themselves and advance
their careers while simultaneously improving the Restaurant industry as a whole. We accomplish this by implementing
educative tools and new technologies which enable our fellow food service professionals to enter and successfully thrive
in today’s Restaurant workplace.  Resources such as The Global Job Network, The Server’s Mall, and the Restaurant
University, help to ease the traditional burden placed on the hiring establishments who want their staff to show up
experienced, informed, talented and properly attired from day one. At A Server’s Place, we believe amazing career success
is a collaborative effort.  For our part, we will continue working hard to provide food service professionals online access to
the greatest technology, jobs, education and apparel which allows them the best chance to join exceptional Restaurant
concepts worldwide while experiencing shared career success.”
About Asterleaf, Inc.

Asterleaf, Inc. provides proprietary E-Learning technologies that are changing the way restaurants hire, train, educate and
retain the best professional fits for their concepts worldwide. At Asterleaf, we believe the solution to creating excited,
enthusiastic, service-minded individuals who are “Guest Focused,” is achieved by implementing powerful and consistent
education through E-Learning which speaks directly to the next generation of restaurant team members. Using Asterleaf
technology and e-learning content you can reduce individual training costs while insuring compliance and minimizing your
exposure. Asterleaf e-learning allows your training team to focus on training that increases sales and maximizes the
customer experience. Using state-of-the-art E-learning technology to provide redundant and compliance focused training
consistently to your entire team, 24/7 365.

Asterleaf specializes in skill and compliance training for the foodservice and hospitality industry combining the most
successful training content with the most advanced technology for delivering content and measuring results.
Asterleaf is a member of the National Restaurant Association and will be exhibiting at the NRA show in Chicago, Il, May 21-
24, 2011, booth #5454.

See a complete demonstration of at the show

Carolina Ordoñez | Trade Representative

ProChile  Chicago | Consulate of Chile

1415 N Dayton St., 2nd floor, Chicago, IL 60642
Of. (312) 654 8780  |  Cel. (312) 576 2150

Chile Prepares to Showcase their Unique Products at the National
Restaurant Association Show

Seven Companies Looking Forward to Exhibiting at the Chilean Pavilion
CHICAGO- May 03, 2011
A selected group of Chilean companies will be displaying their food and
wine products at the next National Restaurant Association Show (NRA
Show) held at McCormick Place in Chicago. The annual four-day show
will commence on May 21st, bringing together buyers and producers
from more than 40 foodservice segments and tens of thousands of
attendees from over 100 countries.

The Chilean Trade Commission at Chicago (ProChile Chicago) is pleased
to announce that the following Chilean companies will exhibit their
products at the newly designed Chilean Pavilion (Booth # 6829):  
Aconcagua Foods, Agro America, Elkan Wine, Olisur, Pure Fruit  Chile,
Seafood Resources and Wines of Chile.

ProChile along with these seven companies invite attendees to visit the
Chilean Pavilion (# 6829) to learn how they have developed new
technologies and innovative processes to ensure the production of
consistent, top-quality products. Attendees are encouraged to taste the
best wines, Chilean seafood, meats, organic fruit purees, olive oils,
natural canned fruits and vegetables from Chile.

Both Chilean Chef Kathy Medel and Chicago celebrity Chef Julius Russell
will use these products to create exceptional dishes that highlight the
great flavors of Chile. For Chef Kathy Medel this will be her second
appearance at the Chilean Pavilion and she is looking forward to cooking
alongside Chef Rusell, who as a culinary ambassador of Chilean cuisine
is also very familiar with the rich flavors and products from Chile. He has
been featured in numerous media outlets including The View, The
Chicago Tribune, BET Networks, WGN, ABC, NBC, N’Digo, MetroMix, Red
Eye, NBC’s iVillage “In the Loop”, Time Out Magazine and Chicago Sun-

Carolina Ordonez, Trade Commissioner of Chile in Chicago, says that,
"The NRA Show 2011 is a good opportunity for Chile to demonstrate why
it is a leading producer and exporter of some of the greatest fruits, fish,
seafood, poultry, meats, and premium wines while strengthening Chile’s
presence in the American foodservice industry".
Chakib Doghmi

773 495 5068

Bring it to the Table
Offers Options for Foodservice

PORTLAND, Ore. – Component Design Northwest
(CDN) introduces the convenient Direct Entry 2-
Alarm Timer (TM30), offering distinct advantages
for busy foodservice professionals including two
alarms: a new vibration alarm and a loud audio

The Direct Entry 2-Alarm Timer features an easy-to-
use simple direct entry. Simply key in the time,
press start, and the timer begins to count. It has
the ability to count up or down up to 10 hours by
hours, minutes and seconds.

Ideal for a variety of foodservice uses from
marinating meats and baking pastries to cooking
entrees in the oven, the practical last count recall
stores the last time setting for repeated events.  A
stop and start feature eliminates the need to reset
the unit if there is a need to pause the timing.

The sliding switch on the back of the timer allows
the user to select the alarm option desired. If the
user chooses the vibration option, the alarm can
be felt by clipping the timer to a belt loop or pocket.

The compact design and four-way mounting
system are practical features for a foodservice
environment. The timer comes with a pocket clip,
magnet, stand and loop for grab-and-use

Made of ABS plastic, the timer features an
upscale look with black buttons and a brushed
stainless face. The Direct Entry 2-Alarm Timer
(TM30) is available for a list price of $17.50.
CDN 2-Event Timer & Clock Pulls
Double Duty
PORTLAND, Ore. – The new 2-Event Timer & Clock
(TM9) from CDN pulls double duty in a busy
foodservice environment, giving the user the
ability to keep track of two events at once – while
also functioning as a clock.

The 2-Event Timer & Clock can be used for both
short and long timeframes. Each channel has the
ability to count up or down in hours, minutes and
seconds for up to 10 hours.

The large digital readout displays both channels at
the same time, allowing the user to quickly and
easily check the status of the hours, minutes and
seconds. With a large display (3 by 2½ inches), it
is easy to read from across a large foodservice

Whether it is timing eggs, bread rising, cooking
entrees in the oven, there is no need to stick
close to the timer. When time is reached, one of
two distinctive alarms sounds loud enough to be
in a hectic environment.

The timer offers a memory function, stop and
restart, and last count recall. For added
convenience, the timer counts up after zero to let
the user know how long since the preset time
was met.

The 2-Event Timer & Clock stands in an L-shape or
can be mounted to the wall. When not in use, the
timer folds flat for easy storage in a drawer.  When
flat, it measures 3¾ by 5½ inches.

The 2-Event Timer & Clock (TM9) is made of ABS
plastic, and comes in black. It is available for
immediate shipment, with a list price of $22.
Gun from CDN

PORTLAND, Ore. – CDN expands its line of
infrared thermometers with the practical new
Infrared Gun (IN1022). Offering convenient point-
and-measure precision, the Infrared Gun gives
foodservice operators assurance that the
temperature will be read with pinpoint accuracy,
without coming in contact with food.

Perfect for a multitude of foodservice
applications, it features a one-second response
time that makes this ideal for measuring surface
temperatures of food and checking temperatures
of food being served or stored in the refrigerator
or freezer.

Simply point the gun at the item to be measured,
press the trigger, and within a second the unit
provides an accurate temperature reading. The
backlit display measures 7/8 by 1 inch, making it
easy to see.

The Infrared Gun has a temperature range from -76
to +1022°F/-60 to +550°C. It features a maximum,
minimum, difference and average readings, along
with a lock for continuous scanning. The data-hold
function allows the user to hold a scanned
temperature until it can be noted on paperwork.
With a distance:spot ratio of 12:1, anyone can
easily measure temperature from a comfortable

The Infrared Gun uses two AAA batteries and
features automatic shut-off to conserve battery
life. It is made of ABS plastic, and comes in bright
Construction Yellow with Black Accents.

The Infrared Gun (IN1022) is available for
immediate shipment, with a list price of $84.

CDN, the Time & Temperature Company®, has the
broadest assortment of thermometers and timers
on the market.  For more information, contact CDN
at 800-338-5594, or visit
National Restaurant Association Show
McCormick Place, Chicago
Press Contact: Shaina Zalma
Crier Communications
310.274.1072 x203

Pocket Pita Gets an Authentic Makeover; Product
Ideal for Sandwiches and Dips
Launches Authentic Mediterranean Pita Bread

TORONTO, ONTARIO, May 15, 2011 — Stonefire™
Authentic Flatbreads, a family-owned
provider of authentic flatbreads to North America,
today introduces Mediterranean Pocket

Crafted by the Ajmera family, bakers with over 40
years of experience, Stonefire’s™ Pocket
Pitas are brick oven baked just like the very first
pitas of the ancient Mediterranean. They
are free of any synthetic dyes, preservatives,
additives, trans fat or hydrogenated oils.
When baked, the dough puffs up to create a
“pocket” as the bread cools and flattens.

North America’s version of the pita is a far cry from
the Mediterranean bread that is known
for its soft texture and fresh taste. Unlike standard
mass produced pita however, Stonefire
uses traditional ingredients and baking ovens so
that its pita has an irresistible soft, chewy
texture that will not split when filled.

“For centuries, families in many countries have
gathered around the table to enjoy pita bread,”
shared Stonefire Flatbread founders, the Ajmera
family, “We’ve spent years perfecting our pita
recipe and baking technique, working to make
this simple food spectacular, like it was always
meant to be.”

Stonefire Pita is made with whole wheat flour and
delicious stuffed with your favorite ingredients,
as the base for a wide variety of sandwiches and
appetizers, or enjoyed all on its own. Stonefire’s
Mediterranean Pocket Pitas will be available at
select grocery stores nationwide for an SRP of
$2.99, along with foodservice customers
across the country. For more information, please

Stonefire™ Launches Authentic Whole
Wheat Roti Flatbread
New Tandoor-Baked Roti Flatbread Ideal for Wraps,
Pizza and Paninis

TORONTO, ONTARIO, May 15, 2011 — Stonefire™
Authentic Flatbreads, a family-owned
bakery with 40 years of experience, today
revitalizes an authentic flatbread enjoyed for
thousands of generations: Roti. Baked at extremely
high temperatures in a traditional
Tandoor oven, Stonefire’s Whole Wheat Roti
flatbread has a tender, flaky texture with a hint
of natural smokiness.

“Baking at high heat is absolutely essential to
recreate this unique bread,” says the Ajmera
family, founders of Stonefire. “Our family has
travelled extensively throughout India
sampling many versions of roti to arrive with what
we believe to be its ultimate expression.
We are excited to share this delicious bread with
the world!”

Roti is generally a South Asian bread made
from stoneground wholemeal flour, traditionally
known as atta flour, originating
in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. It
is also popular in parts of the Southern
Caribbean, Trinidad and Tobago.

Made without artificial colors, preservatives,
additives, trans fat and hydrogenated oils,
Stonefire’s Roti is thinner and less indulgent
than naan, making it an ideal “wrap” flatbread.
Best served warm, just add your favorite
ingredients and roll the roti up. Roti also works
great as a base for pizza toppings and to make
paninis. Baked in the oven, roti can also
quickly transform into a cracker, making it a
delicious snack to serve with dips.

Stonefire’s Roti will be available at select grocery
stores nationwide for an SRP of $2.99,
along with foodservice customers across the

Stonefire™ Naan Gives Rise to Delicious
Traditional Tandoor-Baking Takes Naan Mainstream

TORONTO, ONTARIO, May 15, 2011 — The key to
creating authentically light, beautifully
blistered, naturally smoky-tasting naan flatbread is
heat. Armed with the only large scale
Tandoor oven in the world capable of the searing
heat required for true naan bread, Stonefire™
Authentic Flatbreads proudly carries a line of
authentic naan flatbread.

Available in original, whole grain and fire
roasted garlic, Stonefire’s Nann is prepared
with Ghee (clarified butter) and fresh
buttermilk, following a traditional recipe, and
made without preservatives, additives, trans
fat and hydrogenated oils.

Stonefire Flatbreads was founded by Sam
Ajmera and his sons, who have been in the
baking business for over 40 years. The Ajmera
family spent years researching and perfecting
the most authentic naan recipes and acquired a
patent for the world’s largest Tandoor oven to
make them in.

“Authentic naan is a profound culinary experience,”
says the Ajmera’s. “We hope to
popularize this worldly cuisine staple that has been
enjoyed throughout South Asia for well
over 1,000 years.”

Naan is an extremely versatile flatbread, great for
making sandwiches, panini wraps, and
pizza, delicious as an appetizer served with dip or
topped with cheese, or simply warm and
enjoy on its own.

Stonefire’s Naan will be available at select grocery
stores nationwide for an SRP of $2.99,
along with foodservice customers across the

FGF Brands Launches Stonefire™ Authentic
Leading North America Bakery Gives Rise to
Traditional Flatbreads

TORONTO, ONTARIO — FGF Brands, a family-owned
bakery with over 40 years of
experience, today launches Stonefire™ Authentic

Founded by the Ajmera family, Stonefire Authentic
Flatbreads bake authentic naan, roti and
pita using traditional recipes and ingredients free of

Flatbreads were the very first breads ever created.
The Ajmera family has spent years
perfecting our flatbreads, researching ancient
recipes and perfecting traditional baking
techniques to bring wonderfully versatile flatbread
with pure authentic flavor to customers
throughout North America.

Stonefire™ Naan is prepared with Ghee (clarified
butter) and fresh buttermilk following a traditional
Indian recipe. Stonefire™ Roti features a flaky
texture and the authentic taste of traditional Indian
roti. Stonefire™ Mediterranean Pocket Pita is baked
to have a soft, chewy texture with a pocket that will
not split when filled.

Both Stonefire’s Naan and Roti are
baked in the only wholesale Tandoor oven in the
world, capable of the searing heat required for truly
authentic, light, beautifully blistered, and naturally
smoky-tasting flatbread. All of Stonefire’s flatbread
offerings are made with natural ingredients and free
of artificial colors, preservatives,
additives, trans fat and hydrogenated oils.

Previously branded as International Fabulous
Flats™, Stonefire Authentic Flatbreads is
available at Costco, Kroger, Harris Teeter, H.E.Butt,
Meijer, Supervalue, Gourmet Foods,
Publix, Walmart, Stop and Shop and A+P, along with
foodservice customers across the

International Fabulous Flats™ Re-Launched
as Stonefire™
Flatbread Company Rebrands Line to Better
Represent Baking Style and Authentic Recipe

TORONTO, ONTARIO — FGF Brands, a family-owned
bakery specializing in authentic flatbread, is re-
launching its International Fabulous Flats™ under a
new Stonefire™ brand.

With a new name, look and packaging design that
better represents how the authentic
flatbreads are stone baked in high heat, Stonefire
Authentic Flatbreads offer a delicious
lineup of Tandoori Naan, Tandoori Roti and
Mediterranean Pita.

FGF Brands was founded by the Ajmera family who
has been in the baking business for over 40 years.
“Flatbreads were the very first breads ever
created,” says the Ajmera family. “We’ve spent
years perfecting our flatbreads, researching ancient
recipes and perfecting traditional baking techniques
to bring this wonderfully versatile bread with pure
authentic flavor to customers throughout North

All Stonefire Flatbreads are free of artificial colors,
preservatives, additives, trans fat and
hydrogenated oils.

Stonefire™ Naan is prepared with Ghee (clarified
butter) and fresh buttermilk following a traditional
Indian recipe. Stonefire™ Roti features a flaky
texture and the authentic taste of traditional Indian
roti. Stonefire™ Mediterranean Pocket Pita is baked
to have a soft, chewy texture with a pocket that will
not split when filled.

Stonefire Authentic Flatbreads is available at
Costco, Kroger, Harris Teeter, H.E.Butt, Meijer,
Supervalue, Gourmet Foods, Publix, Walmart, Stop
and Shop and A+P, along with
foodservice customers across the country.

For more information, please visit

In addition to flatbread, FGF Brands makes stone-
baked pizza crusts and muffins, which are
sold throughout North America in grocery and coffee
Menus Go Mobile

Tom Dunbabin
Product Development
310 866 6926
Epicure Digital, a leader in digital menu boards, presents the Epicure
Digital Menu System with special emphasis on nutritional labeling at
the NRA 2011 National Restaurant Association show, Chicago, IL, 21-24
May, 2011, Booth #1212.
HERMOSA BEACH, CA--(Marketwire - 01/17/11) - Thanks to, beginning today, independently owned
restaurants and bars will now have affordable access to iPhone application technology. For as little as $50 per month,
restaurants and bars can receive their very own iPhone application that is available for their customers to download
directly from the iTunes Store.

As analysts predict that Verizon will likely sell 9 to 12 million iPhones on their network this year, coupled with the millions
of existing iPhone users on the AT&T network, a great opportunity presents itself for independently owned restaurants and
bars to engage with this group like never before. MenusGoMobile, a Hermosa Beach, CA based marketing company, is set
to provide these businesses with a way to do so.

The application, available on, allows for independently owned restaurants and bars to integrate their
menu, featured items and specials, contact information, including a GPS locator, a tip calculator, photos and video, as well
as a social networking portal that gives users of the application the capability to share featured items and the application
itself through social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter. The application also lets businesses directly
communicate with their customers via push notifications. Push notifications are similar to text messages, which can be
sent by restaurants and bars to anyone who has downloaded the application. MenusGoMobile also allows their customers
to send push notifications and change their application content in real-time through their Content Management System
(CMS), which is available to customers after subscribing through

"This is really a new way to look at marketing," says co-owner Tom Dunbabin. "Previously it would have cost these
businesses thousands of dollars to reach these smart phone users. Now, for less than a print advertisement, these
businesses can keep in contact with their current and new customers wherever they are. In the past these customers
would have had to remember to visit a restaurant or bar's website, Facebook, or Twitter, but having this technology
available allows our clients to always be in the palm of their customer's hand. Especially in today's world, having this kind
of access is a must-have."

Restaurant and bar owners in the United States can purchase their own application from The
company provides various subscription packages to suit any budget, and currently they are offering a free first month of
service to all new clients.

Based in Hermosa Beach, CA, MenusGoMobile provides independently owned restaurants and bars affordable access to
mobile technology. Our expertise in technology, marketing, and promotions is delivered to establishments via our website
( and sales representatives headquartered in major markets across the United States. For
more information please visit
Click here
please allow time to download all
thes wonderful pictures....
Positive Growth, Operator Optimism Prevalent at 2011 National Restaurant
Association Restaurant, Hotel-Motel Show

(Chicago) The 92nd annual National Restaurant Association Restaurant, Hotel-Motel Show® and 4th annual International Wine,
Spirits and Beer Event (IWSB) showed positive growth in attendee and exhibitor numbers. The increases underscore the NRA
Show’s position as the restaurant and hospitality industry's premier international forum for the products, services and
information that operators need to grow their business. NRA Show 2011 was held at Chicago’s McCormick Place May 21-24,
and IWSB was held in conjunction with the NRA Show on May 22-23.

Among NRA Show registrants, there was a 4 percent increase in the Restaurant/Foodservice category, a 6 percent increase
in the Dealer/Distributor category, and 8 percent increase in the Press category. This year's event attracted nearly 58,000
registrants, according to preliminary analysis. On the exhibitor side, there was a 9 percent increase in square feet occupied
over 2010, covering more than 515,000-square-feet. More than 1,900 exhibitors showcased the most innovative new
products and services in the marketplace today.

“The growing energy and optimism of restaurant operators, dealers and distributors were tangible at this year's NRA Show,"
said C.W. Craig Reed, Convention Chair for NRA Show 2011 and Director of Food and Beverage, Broadmoor Hotel. “The
business solutions and product innovations by our exhibitors, coupled with the inspiring ideas and broad expertise of our
speakers, created an environment where attendees could find all the products, services and know-how they need to enhance
their productivity and profitability. These tools, resources and insights will help the restaurant industry continue its economic
recovery, which in turn will positively affect the nation's economy."

Highlights from NRA Show 2011 and IWSB included:

A not-to-be-missed World Culinary Showcase, where world-class celebrity chefs performed cooking demonstrations and
interactive discussions live. The theater-style arena allowed visitors to watch the action up close and personal. This year’s
celebrity chefs included Wylie Dufresne, Marcus Samuelsson, Rick Bayless, Richard Blais, Gale Gand, Stefan Richter, Sam
Kass, and many more.

Thousands of food and beverage products were introduced on the NRA Show floor, including the first-ever Food and Beverage
Products Innovations Award recipients – making it the best place to source new consumable products. In fact, Bravo’s Top
Chef runner-up Chef Stefan Richter found everything he needed to prepare three dishes for his World Culinary Showcase
cooking demo from exhibiting companies throughout the trade show floor.

The hugely successful International Wine, Spirits & Beer Event (IWSB) – the only industry event focused exclusively on
growing restaurant and hospitality bar programs – featured hundreds of world-class beverage alcohol brands and labels and
attract thousands of buyers. Held in conjunction with the Show on Sunday and Monday, IWSB has continued to gain
momentum since its debut, officially “selling out” exhibit space for the first time since it’s launch in 2008. Exhibit space in
IWSB increased by more than 46% over 2010, with a total number of exhibiting companies that grew by more than 16% over

In addition, Dante LoPresti of Double A at Mercadito Chicago won the second annual IWSB Star of the Bar competition at
Restaurants Rock. Hosted by Bravo’s Top Chef judge, Tom Colicchio, Restaurants Rock raised funds for the National
Restaurant Association Educational Foundation’s ProStart program, which prepares 90,000 high school students nationwide
each year for careers in the restaurant industry. LoPresti’s Pink Lion cocktail awarded him $5,000 cash and the coveted title.

The NRA Show and IWSB Event were both complemented by an impressive lineup of education sessions – addressing the
National Restaurant Association’s industry imperatives: “jobs and careers;” “food and healthy living;” “sustainability and
social responsibility,” and “profitability and entrepreneurship.” The covered everything from menu development to workforce
management to social media to the mobile foodservice crazy, and from technology trends to "going greener,” and much more.

Worldwide problem of replacing utensils has seen its final days.

One of the most common but unnecessary costs that all restaurants incur is the accidental disposal of flatware, ramekins,
and other valuable items into the kitchen trash receptacle.  For restaurants tired of replacing flatware and ramekins every
month, Restaurant Innovations, based in Houston, recently began selling a new product to address the problem.  Dubbed the
FlatwareSaver®, the device has been tested in restaurants since 2008 but only became commercially available in
December, 2010.

The FlatwareSaver® comes in two models.  Restaurant Innovations claims, and their customers agree, that both models are
much more cost-effective than any other product on the market for eliminating the loss of metal flatware and ramekins of any
material.  The secret to their effectiveness is a waste retention tray which sits atop a standard round trash can and is rotated
on its axle by a locking handle.  Servers dispose of all table scraps onto the tray and, if no valuables are present, the tray is
rotated, or flipped, and the waste falls into the trash can.

The Basic model ($285) allows users to easily detect valuable items by sight or by the sound of the item hitting the tray.  
Valuables are then easily removed before the tray is flipped.  The Basic model disassembles in less than a second and can
be cleaned in the dishwasher or sink.

The Deluxe model ($589) employs a custom-designed metal detector to automatically alert users to the presence of
valuables.  Any metallic utensil on or above the tray activates audible and visual alarms.  Even non-metallic items such as
glass, ceramic, or plastic ramekins are detected thanks to a 1-time application of inexpensive aluminum stickers to the
bottom of the item.  

Both models come with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 1-year limited warranty.  

See the FlatwareSaver® in booth 392 in the South Hall of the 2011 National Restaurant Association Hotel-Motel Show,
McCormick Place, Chicago May 21 – 24.  Discounts are available to show attendees.

For more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview, please contact:  

Dean Costis


Restaurant Innovations  

(877) 366-4655 x-101
Smoked Olive Oil:
The Hottest Flavor for 2011

(Santa Rosa, CA, April 11, 2011)—Smoke has wafted its way on the list of the top 2011 food trends, according to
Nations Restaurant News.  Leading the way is The Smoked Olive, a new olive oil that has been lauded by celebrity
chefs, specialty food buyers and food enthusiasts throughout the country.  Created in Sonoma County, California, this
"go to" ingredient has been impressing palates in California wine country with its smoky, primal flavor.  Just a
drizzle adds a "wow" factor to carnivorous, vegetarian and vegan dishes.  The Smoked Olive comes in three
different flavors:  Sonoma, Napa and Santa Fe.  They are available in specialty retail shops nationally, and in
foodservice sizes with wholesale prices starting at $17.95 for a pint.  Attendees to the National Restaurant Show in
Chicago, will be able to experience The Smoked Olive at booth #1087 from May 21 to 24.

The Smoked Olive is produced in Sonoma County, California, an area known for high quality artisan foods.  Creators
Brenda Chatelain and Al Hartman begin with the freshest, high quality California olive oil.  They have invented a new
process, patent pending, that imparts real wood-smoke flavor to the oil without degrading the delicate extra-virgin
olive oil.  The three distinct flavors each have their own cult following:

•    Sonoma has a bold, smoky flavor with a subtle olive finish
•    Napa has a light smoky flavor with a robust olive finish
•    Santa Fe Chili is a balanced blend of smoky heat

Fans of this new product include celebrity chefs John Ash, Emeril LaGasse and Tyler Florence, who called it, "The
sexiest new flavor I've tasted in years."  Specialty Food magazine recently named The Smoked Olive as a "Buyer's

The Smoked Olive LLC is a small company created by Chatelain and Hartman.  The couple has a background in
several successful businesses, and each is passionate about good food.  Chatelain got her first experience in the
food business by establishing a Santa Barbara cookie company, specializing in high quality baked goods delivered
to corporate accounts.  Hartman was born into the food industry, dining in his grandparents' restaurants and playing
in his cousins' olive groves.  He later opened his own butcher shop and began experimenting with cooking and
wood-smoking techniques.  Al's determined creativity led him to invent a new technology and equipment to fulfill his
vision of natural wood-smoked extra virgin olive oils.  The new system allows him to smoke premium oils without
exposure to heat, air and light that destroy their quality and delicate flavors.

For more information and recipes please visit or call 707-360-5226.

I want to personally thank you for taking your time to stop by my booth a few days ago; I appreciate the support and
look forward to earning your business.

When you’re serious about creating new and exciting dishes with my honey smoked salmon, I have a sampling
program for you. You can get up to two pounds in any combination of original, Cajun, chipotle lime or cracked
peppers. We will send this to you Fed Ex next day (Monday thru Wednesday ship days only) at our expense and the
only thing we’d ask in return is you use it to create new dishes!

A few key things about my honey smoked salmon which sets us apart from the competition and allows us to be the
world’s finest is our secret firing system that causes a combustion explosion which puts a seal on our lightly
smoked salmon making it highly concentrated, then all you need is approximately 1-3 oz. to create any new dish to
upscale your menu! We’re all-natural, no preservatives, nitrates, or MSG, certified kosher, gluten free, diabetic
friendly, boneless, high in protein and omega 3 fatty acids, fully cooked, ready to eat, and vacuum sealed for long-
term freshness.

As the owner it’s important for me to meet and interact with my customers. As you saw at the show, I’m very
passionate about my product and teaching others how to use it as an ingredient…….move over beef, pork and
chicken, honey smoked salmon is here as a healthy protein alternative! I want you to be successful using my
salmon, so I’ve created a video approximately 4 ½ minutes @ which shows my
production facility so you can see for yourself our commitment to quality. I’ve also hired an Executive Chef who
will work with you to assist in recipe development. We will also post (on a monthly basis) new recipes in a video
format, demonstrating just how versatile our product can be (starting March/April)

I am approved through Sysco, US Foods and seafood distributors and will work with any distributor that we are
able to keep in stock.

Thanks again for your time and consideration and I look forward to seeing my honey smoked salmon incorporated
into your menu.

PS: What did the fish say when it hit a wall? DAMN

Best regards                                                                                               
Kevin Mason
CEO and Co-founder
Honey Smoked Fish Co.
303-371-8660 P
303-261-1391 F
…It’s for the newest European vending concept for women that is finally
available here in the USA…the Beautiful Vending Hair Styler!!! This product was
the recipient of the “International Vending Product of the Year” award and is
already a success in 28 countries worldwide.
Women have always been self-conscious about their hair, as it’s a symbol of their
beauty, and often their personality, so it’s no surprise that they really love this
new product. With the Beautiful Vending Styler, bad hair days are a thing of the
The Beautiful Vending Styler consists of an industry leading, self-sterilizing GHD
ceramic hot iron and a bill acceptor that accepts $1 bills, incorporated into an
attractive, compact unit that is mounted on the wall.
This vending machine offers an exclusive service and allows women to touch up
their hair, on-the-go, in almost any location. You will see them popping up soon all
over town in venues such as night clubs, restaurants, health clubs, office
buildings, tanning salons, shopping malls, college campuses, airports, reception
halls, etc. They pamper your female clientele, make a great conversation piece
and turn the merchant’s ladies room into a revenue producer as well!
Beauty Brigade is the Illinois based Midwest distributor of The Beautiful Vending
Styler. For more information on obtaining a machine for your business or getting
involved with an all cash business with no competition, please visit our website
Contact Amir Azam
Green Planet Media LLC presents a green business solution that eliminates plastic bags from the restaurant

Chicago, IL- Green Planet Media has introduced a new advertising medium which promotes the use of 100%
compostable bags as an economical and eco-friendly replacement for plastic bags.

Green Planet Media is moving to replace carry out/delivery plastic bags used in many restaurants with eco-friendly 100%
compostable bags. These eco-friendly bags are provided to restaurant partners at little to no cost and used as an
advertising medium for non-competing businesses. Green Planet Media provides a sustainable solution for restaurants
looking to increase their bottom line. According to Founder Camilo Ferro “Restaurants are looking for ways to establish
sustainable business practices, this is a rare win-win solution for all involved; restaurants save money, advertisers gain
massive brand exposure, and the environment will no longer worry about plastic staying around for decades.”

Worldwide, an estimated four billion plastic bags become litter each year. Plastic bags do not biodegrade over time.
Rather, plastic bags photodegrade, breaking down into smaller and smaller toxic bits which then contaminate soil and
waterways. These toxic bits also poison animals that mistake them for food.

A medium which will bring marketing campaigns to consumer’s homes on a daily basis. Not only will it be carried by
consumers but it is also used as a necessity and often re-used. Put your campaign message on a product that will not
only guarantee visibility but also help solve a critical environment concern.

About Green Planet Media
Green Planet Media is an environmentally-conscious company whose mission is to create innovative advertising
mediums which help the environment without the extra clutter. For more information, please visit
Rubbermaid Commercial Products
Names 20 Manufacturers'
Agent Agencies to Foodservice Segment Sales
Winchester, Va. (June 8, 2011) – Rubbermaid
Commercial Products (RCP), the leader in
innovative safety and productivity solutions for
the foodservice industry, announced today a new
strategy to utilize manufacturers’ agents for the
Foodservice channel to extend RCP’s product
reach into the marketplace.

“Today, RCP has embarked on a new strategy to
accelerate its penetration into the Foodservice
segment by implementing a sales coverage model
that utilizes Manufacturers’ Agents,” said Kevin
Affeldt, vice president of Sales for Rubbermaid
Commercial Products. “We believe this strategic
investment will facilitate significant growth for
RCP by extending our products’ reach in the
Foodservice marketplace.  By creating a distinct
Foodservice channel sales structure, RCP can
more sharply focus on the unique needs of the
Foodservice segment.

The agencies that RCP will utilize include:

•Dining Essentials, A Squier Company
•Dynamic Marketing Group
•Eisner-Rose Associates
•E-Kuip Marketing
•Ettinger-Rosini &Associates, Inc.
•GMD Foodservice Marketing
•JMK Sales
•KC Marketing
•Koehler-Borden & Associates
•Lehr McKeown Marketing, Inc.
•Lund-Iorio, Inc.
•Metcalfe & Associates
•Mid-Atlantic Hospitality Sales
•Mirkovich & Associates, Inc.
•PCH Reps
•Premium Products Group
•ProQuip Foodservice Equipment & Supplies
•Select Marketing
•Venture Cornerstone Sales

“The new sales strategy gives RCP the
opportunity to build upon current partnerships and
to develop new ones--to better serve the unique
needs of distributors and end-users,” added
Affeldt. “Concurrently, RCP will also intensify its
sales efforts in the important Sanitary
Maintenance and Industrial channels through our
team of direct sales representatives.”

The initiative will be lead by Jim Monnat, leader of
Rubbermaid Commercial Products’ newly formed
Foodservice sales management team.  

About Rubbermaid Commercial Products, LLC
Rubbermaid Commercial Products (RCP),
headquartered in Winchester, Va., is a
manufacturer of innovative, solution-based
products for commercial and institutional markets
worldwide. Since 1968, RCP has pioneered
technologies and system solutions in the
categories of food services, sanitary
maintenance, waste handling, material transport,
and safety products. RCP, an ISO 9001:2000
manufacturer, is part of Newell Rubbermaid’s
global portfolio of brands and continues to
develop innovative products. Visit www.

Meghan Verdon
Public Relations
Definition 6
A Unified Marketing Agency

office: 212.201.4206
fax: 212.201.4210
blog: Defining INSIGHTS
Exhibitors at 2011 National
Restaurant Association
Restaurant, Hotel-Motel Show
Donate Tens of Thousands of
Meals to Chicago’s Hungry

(Chicago) The National Restaurant
Association announced today that
exhibiting companies at the 2011
National Restaurant Association
Restaurant, Hotel-Motel Show –
held May 21-24 at Chicago’s
McCormick Place – donated more
than 37,000 meals to the Greater
Chicago Food Depository (GCFD)
last month.

"Being in the hospitality industry, it
comes naturally to the vendors,
suppliers and manufacturers that
exhibited at NRA Show 2011 to
give back to the local community
and help feed the hungry," said C.
W. Craig Reed, Convention Chair
for NRA Show 2011 and Director
of Food and Beverage, Broadmoor
Hotel. "As the nation’s largest
restaurant and foodservice
industry trade show, we are
honored to have such generous
exhibitors that helped feed tens of
thousands of individuals.”

“We are so grateful to the National
Restaurant Association for its
support of the Greater Chicago
Food Depository,” said Kate
Maehr, executive director and
CEO of the Greater Chicago Food
Depository. “Because of NRA
show donations, the Food
Depository will be able to provide
thousands of pounds of nutritious
food to hungry people in Cook

NRA Show 2011 exhibitors
donated a total of 50,013 pounds
of high quality, nutritious food
products, which provided more
than 37,000 meals benefiting men,
women and children in need
throughout the Chicago area.

The donated food was distributed
through a network of more than
600 qualified GCFD member
agencies, which include pantries,
soup kitchens, shelters, day care
centers and senior living facilities.

The Greater Chicago Food
Depository, Chicago’s food bank,
is a nonprofit food distribution and
training center providing food for
hungry people while striving to
end hunger in our community. The
Food Depository distributes
donated and purchased food
through a network of 650 pantries,
soup kitchens and shelters to
678,000 adults and children in
Cook County every year. Last year,
the Food Depository distributed 58
million pounds of nonperishable
food and fresh produce, dairy
products and meat, the equivalent
of 119,000 meals every day. The
Food Depository’s programs and
services for children, older adults
and the unemployed and
underemployed address the root
causes of hunger. For more
information, log onto www. or call 773-

The annual National Restaurant
Association Restaurant, Hotel-
Motel Show is the largest and
most comprehensive global
gathering of restaurant,
foodservice and lodging
professionals. The event attracts
tens of thousands of attendees
and visitors from all 50 states and
100+ countries, and showcases
more products, services,
innovative ideas and other growth
opportunities than any other
industry event. For more
information, visit the Show Web
site at
Shih Chen has one hundred
years of tea planting and tea
producing experience in Taiwan.
We have been putting a lot of
efforts into our tea gardens to
make sure the highest-quality and
also collaborating with Agriculture
and Food Agency to run the
“Factory-Garden Cooperation”
program. We are sure that our high
quality tea products will provide you
a delightful tea drinking experience.
Exclusively From Flojet – The New!
Eco-Friendly Bottled Water System

Efficient energy consumption saves
customers money
and protects the environment