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Red Carpet MediNews
A division of Red Carpet Concierge of Chicago

Premiere Point Home Health
1212 W. Thorndale Avenue
Chicago, IL, 60660-3398

877 275 8390 Toll Free
773 275 8390 Office Line

Premier Point Home Health

Whether you're recovering from an injury,
coping with illness, or find it difficult to be
as active as you could be, PPHH is here to
provide elder care and home care service.
Live the way you choose, with the
assistance of skilled and caring nursing
staff and caregivers.
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Red Carpet Concierge Physicians Group meet at gloStream
Electronic Medical Records Forum sponsored by Microsoft.  
There were discussions on:
  • Learn why Federal mandates are real
  • and how you can qualify.
  • Discover a Microsoft® Office-based EMR
    that's familiar and easy to use.
  • Hear why it's important to choose EMR
    software that comes with local support,
    training, and a Stimulus Guarantee.
  • Learn about an innovative and unique
    implementation process, enabling a 100% success
    rate for Doctors.

Left to right are; Michelle Reed, Bullet Group, Kirk Aubry, COO,
Sandra Smith-Doghmi, Scott Purdy, Territory Manager, Mike
Sappington, President & CEO.
Red Carpet Concierge Physician is a retainer medical practice with luxury care
private membership from our concierge services division.

Our physicians limit the number of patients in their practice (usually 100 to 1000
instead of 2500 to 4000) while charging each patient an annual membership fee
for personalized care and extensive preventive health and wellness care services
that include a comprehensive annual physical exam and immediate access to the
physician 24/7 to provide a cohesive partnership.

There will be various professionals in many aspects of our medical and wellness
areas attending and promises to be educational as well as informative.

RCCP is an exciting positioning of physicians in the coming new format in

To RSVP please fill out the form,  we will send an address to you, if you cannot
attend you may send an associate.
Interested in Attending a Meeting?
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Your name:
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Fashion with a Heart!  

Chicago designer Yana German's fashion models held the packed
room's attention throughout the fashion show.  

Events witih an emphasis on assisting with
health related issues are an assest
to the community.  Yana's hard work
and her caring nature for
Brain Research Foundation
are applauded!
For more information
on becoming a Luxury
Member on Red
Carpet Concierge
Physician Group
please send the
information below.
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